Three Ways to Take the Nervous Feeling Out of Employee Performance Reviews


Spectrum Staffing, as one of the top pharma staffing companies, works with employers who have experienced the disappointment and frustration that occurs when seemingly talented and qualified employees don’t perform as expected. Performance reviews are a way of holding employees accountable for their work, but they can be an anxious interaction for both parties. Here are three ways to take the nervous feeling out of employee performance reviews.

Frame the Conversation in a Positive Manner

Your mindset regarding your employee reviews can be self-fulfilling. If you ruminate about it and think of it as a nerve-wracking situation, it’s more likely to turn out that way because you’ll make yourself anxious beforehand and it will influence the entire meeting. So instead of thinking of employee reviews in a negative manner (i.e., “I’m telling my employee what they’re doing wrong so they’re going to defensive and cause conflict”), frame it in a positive way (“I’m providing helpful feedback to help my employee overcome challenges and grow”.)

Prepare How You Want it to Go

While you don’t want to have an exact script that you follow, it can be helpful to plan out some basic talking points. Consider what you want to discuss with your employee during their review, and then take some time to come up with wording that you feel comfortable with (especially for more sensitive topics).  You won’t get tongue tied and misspeak or make things sound worse than they are. Jot down a list of points in the order you want to discuss them so you feel more in control of how the meeting progresses.

Get Your Employee’s Perspective

If you think you’re nervous about giving a review, imagine how your employee is feeling about receiving one and not knowing what to expect. Alleviate the anxiety by getting input from your employee, before and during the meeting. You can request they think of some topics they’d like to address, and schedule some time on the agenda for their questions or concerns. During the meeting itself, reduce the adversarial nature by asking what they think of the feedback you’ve given them or if they have their own ideas for how you can work together to overcome any areas that need improvement. Making the review more collaborative makes it less prone to conflict because the employee won’t feel like they’re sitting there being scolded for their shortcomings – you actually want to help them succeed!

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