What You Need in a Workplace First-Aid Kit


Workplace safety is crucial in every industry, but especially so for those that handle potentially dangerous or hazardous materials, like in the scientific/engineering fields. Spectrum Staffing, one of the top engineering recruitment agencies in the USA, strives to offer the resources to our nationwide clients to help with their overall workplace needs. Here is what you need in a workplace first-aid kit:

Federally Mandated Minimal Requirements

Ensure your workplace first-aid kit meets the minimal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.  Minimal requirements generally include supplies to help with minor wounds, burns, sprains, such as: gauze pads and bandages in a variety of sizes, cleaning agents, tools (such as scissors and tweezers), latex gloves, adhesive tape, splints, resuscitation equipment, and a blanket. A full list of required items and quantities for a workplace first-aid kit can be found on the OSHA website.

Items Most Relevant to Your Workplace

While OSHA minimum requirements can help you get started on building a first-aid kit for your workplace, it’s also important to supplement it based on the most likely injury scenarios at your particular workplace. For many industries, it can be quite obvious (such as working with machinery or being exposed to bodily fluids) but if you need assistance determining what you may need to make your first-aid kit as helpful as possible for your employees, review your records of injury incidents to see if there are any common themes. Then you can add more supplies based on your findings.

Ease of Accessibility

A crucial part of your first-aid workplace kit isn’t actually a medical supply – you also need to include a guide for using the supplies. Also include contact information for emergency assistance contact information for instances in which the injury goes beyond the scope of what can be handled with first-aid supplies. Your first-aid kit should also be stored in a place of which employees are aware. If you opt to have it in a secured location, make sure keys can be accessed in a timely manner.


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