Four Lessons Your Company Leaders can Learn from The Big Game


In the 2017 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots had the greatest comeback in Super Bowl history, being behind by 25 points and coming back to tie, and then win during the first overtime ever during a Super Bowl game.

Spectrum Staffing, as one of the top engineering staffing agencies, has extensive experience working closely with businesses to help them achieve their objectives. At the heart of every successful organization is effective leadership as demonstrated by the New England Patriots in Super Bowl LI. The football field and your workplace may not seem to have much in common, but the fundamentals are the same.

Check out these four lessons your company leaders can learn from the winners of the 2017 Super Bowl, the New England Patriots.

Coaching Requires Addressing Head and Heart

Winning the Super Bowl isn’t just about the coach planning the right plays – there are mental factors that also must be accounted for to create a well-rounded and successful strategy. A great head coach knows to include motivational pep talks to address the players’ emotions, which can greatly impact their ability to carry out the plays. This same strategy needs to be applied to your workplace: don’t just implement new policies to improve productivity or performance without also considering how to engage your employees’ emotions (such as expressing your confidence in their abilities.)

Consistency is Key

The Patriots got to the Super Bowl by setting goals and continuing to hone their skills and improve their weaknesses throughout the season. Each practice and game served as a short-term milestone to measure success and progress them toward their main goal of getting to, and winning, the Super Bowl. Your company’s leaders can apply this lesson of consistency by breaking up all major objectives into short-term goals and regularly checking progress and adjusting as needed.

Today’s Rookies are Tomorrow’s All Stars

The Patriots may have their dependable superstar in quarterback Tom Brady, but at one point, he was just a beginner, a diamond in the rough. That’s why talent development is so crucial to for the future of football teams – top talent ages out or moves on, and if the second stringers are ignored in the meantime, the team will be left with nothing. Keep this in mind for your workplace. Don’t forget to focus on professional development for your employees with potential, or you could lose out on creating a valuable team member.

Bounce Back from Adversity with Careful Reflection

The Patriots were anything but a sure bet for most the 2017 Super Bowl. It wasn’t until the second half that they came back from what looked like a certain defeat and scored 25 points to tie it up. They essentially reset themselves mid-way through the game but switching up their strategy, mindset, etc. Company leaders can take this to heart – even if the company falls short of its goals or makes a major misstep, by being open-minded to objective reflection about what went wrong, solutions can be developed and you can come back better than ever!

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