Have employees in different parts of the country? Here’s how video conferencing will make your 2017 meetings more effective




At Spectrum Staffing, as one of the top recruiting agencies in NJ, we work with clients nationwide and understand the importance of effective communication methods like video conferencing. Learn more about how video conferencing will make your 2017 meetings more effective if you have employees in different parts of the country:

Gets Everyone Engaged

Email or chat, while effective at communicating important information, just doesn’t tend to have as much of an effect on increasing employee engagement. Video conferencing helps pull everyone together into a more personal meeting so you can motivate them as a group and facilitate the feeling of being part of a true team. Engaged employees will work harder of their own volition, so this is especially important for remote workers who you can’t personally supervise.

Cuts Costs

When you have employees in different locations, team meetings can be costly – from transportation and lodging to providing meals, the expenses add up. Hosting meetings via video conference is more affordable for everyone involved. In addition to the travel costs, video conferencing reduces the time lost during the physical travel since everyone can get back to work after they log off the meeting.

Maintains Relationships

When there is a lack of regular face-to-face contact, employees can start to feel isolated and not really part of a cohesive unit. Even though video conferencing may seem like it’s just looking at a screen, actually seeing the faces of one another as they share updates and ideas makes it easier to feel personally connected. When employees have stronger relationships, they tend to work together more effectively.

Prevents Breakdowns in Communication

When your team is spread out across different locations, regular meetings are crucial to ensuring everyone understands their roles and others’ expectations of them. If you solely rely on text-based correspondence, there is too much room for error – someone can misread, skip over an important detail, inadvertently delete something without reading it, etc. Having a standing video conference meeting ensures that all your employees are on the same page.

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