Is lack of sleep killing your workplace productivity?


As one of the most experienced engineering recruitment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing knows the importance of attention to detail and alertness necessary for high performance in the workplace. Unfortunately when workers want to get ahead at work and accomplish more, one of the go-to actions is to skimp on sleep – but this backfires more often than not. Learn more about the ways lack of sleep could be affecting your productivity at work:

More Prone to Mistakes

When you’re yawning and trying to push through your fatigue, you’re more likely to make errors because your brain hasn’t had enough rest to get the energy it needs. That mental fog can make you slower to react, and your memory less sharp so you miss deadlines or forget steps, etc. That lack of sleep will wind up costing you time that it takes to fix your sleep-deprived mistakes.

Lack of Focus

Being tired makes you more likely to get distracted, because your brain is using up significant energy trying to stay awake. When you’re groggy and yawning, you are more likely to have a hard time staying on task and giving forth deep concentrated effort. In this state, workers tend to work on less mentally straining duties, such as checking emails or filing, that don’t help them make progress on their bigger picture goals.

Reduced Decision-Making Capabilities

A lack of sleep makes it more challenging to make thoughtful and intentional decisions in the workplace. Decision-making requires gathering information and carefully analyzing it to come to a conclusion – that’s a lot of necessary brain power. When you’re tired, you don’t have the mental energy to approach situations with clarity and may wind up making poor decisions that affect your productivity down the line.

Increased Risk of Illness

Getting through a day on little sleep may seem like a minor annoyance but otherwise not a big deal; however, if it becomes a habit, it can take a toll on your health. Skimping out on a good night’s sleep on a regular basis can make you more prone to getting sick and thus, needing to miss work and getting you further behind instead of ahead.

Work More Slowly

Ultimately, a lack of sleep simply makes you work at a slower pace – the antithesis of productivity. The fatigue makes your brain and body unable to exert itself, so even if you follow the same workplace protocol as a day in which you’re well-rested, you’re still not going to have as much endurance and be able to get as much work done.

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