Setting Career Goals Starts with Setting Quarterly Benchmarks


Spectrum Staffing is one of the most experienced job agencies in NJ and has helped job seekers accomplish their professional objectives for over 25 years. Those who are most likely to achieve their goals are the ones who plan them out strategically ahead of time and break them up into smaller goals every three months. Set quarterly benchmarks for your career goals with these tips.

Solidify Your Big Picture

Devote some time to brainstorming what exactly you want to accomplish during the year. Let your imagination run wild – it will help you gain some clarity. Then, fine tune your brainstorming into more detailed, and realistic specific goals. For example, “be better at sales” is too vague, while “increase sales by x%” is more measurable.

Develop Realistic Steps

Take stock of how far away you are from achieving your big picture goals. Consider what you are currently lacking (like certain credentials or experience) or skills you need to improve on (networking or cold contacting clients). Then, come up with the chronological steps needed to progress you toward your goals. For example, if your big picture goal was to get a promotion, some steps may be to earn a certification, take on a bigger project at work, and pitch the promotion idea to your boss.

Divide Into Tasks

If you approach each of the steps you developed as individual items on your To Do list, you will likely get overwhelmed and unable to figure out how to pursue them on a regular basis. It’s crucial to your overall plan to divide each of your steps down into the individual tasks needed to complete them so you can stay on track. For example, if a step is earning a certification, tasks may include researching organizations offering it, applying for a course or test, creating a study schedule, and taking the test.

Create a Timeline

Take all the tasks of your overall yearly plan and arrange them into a timeline. Think about how long it should reasonably take to get each step and its accompanying tasks done, and then separate them into three-month quarters. These will be your benchmarks to measure your success against – once you approach each quarter, you can measure your progress and determine if you’re on the right track.

Set Aside Time for Reflection

A career plan with quarterly benchmarks for your goals is only effective if you actually refer to it consistently. Schedule a recurring appointment, such as once a month, to review your plan, see how well you’re keeping up with your tasks, and if you need to make any changes to your actions.

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