Stop Avoiding Change – How the Fear of Change Destroys Company Creative Thinking


As one of the top temp agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has worked with numerous employers across the nationwide, and a common trait they desire in candidates is innovation. However, the creative thinking that is required for innovating can be stifled by fear of change. Learn more about why it’s important to be open to change and how fear of change can hold you back from creative thinking:

Developing New Solutions

If you’re scared to think outside the box and try different things, you may end up continuing to make processes more difficult than they need to be. Fearing change keeps you in the status quo, which prevents you from coming up with new, more efficient solutions to common issues. The unknown may be intimidating, but it may end up saving you time and stress.

Keeping Up with Demand

Fear of change at work can make your performance suffer if you’re unwilling to get on board with new policies or processes that are necessary if your duties change (such as being under-staffed or your company suddenly seeing an increase in business). When your circumstances change, you have to be willing to change your actions along with it, or you may no longer do your job as well.

Learning from Failure

You may never make a mistake if you don’t try something new, but that comes at a cost: your ability to persevere and come out a stronger employee. Change is often accompanied by risk, and not all risks work out. However, you can learn from failures and end up being more successful in the long run, than if you hadn’t tried.

Working as a Team

Being hesitant to new things can make it challenging to collaborate with others. When you come across as not being open-minded, people may be less likely to want to share their ideas with you. Not being able to work well with a team can prevent the creativity and innovation that results from group discussions.

Improving Self-Confidence

The more you fear change and don’t engage in creative thinking, the less confident you will feel in your ability to do so. If you overcome this fear and learn how to embrace new situations and ideas, you will be rewarded with more self-confidence – and in turn, likely to come up with creative new ideas you’re eager to share.

If you’re ready to embrace change and find new job opportunities, Spectrum Staffing can help. We have been matching candidates with available opportunities from our nationwide clients for over 25 years, and are one of the most experienced temp agencies in NJ that you can trust to serve as a resource for your job search. Search our current available positions to get started.


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