The Secret to Managing Employees that Want to Work Remotely


Spectrum Staffing been filling pharmaceutical recruitment jobs for over 25 years and we have witnessed changes in workplace trends, like the preference of remote employees. As remote employees have become more standard, managers have found they may need to tweak their management style for employees who aren’t just down the hall.  Learn more about the secret to managing employees that want to work remotely:

Get on the Same Page

Since you can’t physically check in with remote employees and see how they work, it is especially important to be incredibly clear regarding your expectations. Let them know exactly what they need to do, such as the volume of work produced, deadlines, time to respond to inquiries, etc. Once you’ve communicated these expectations, you don’t have to worry about not being able to see how they spend their time because the results will speak for themselves.

Check In Regularly

The lack of opportunity for face-to-face meetings doesn’t have to be a deterrent to having the latest updates with your remote employees. Make it a priority to regularly touch base with your remote employees through scheduled check-in meetings. Not only does it give you the chance to learn about the progress of projects and how tasks are going, but you can answer any questions and provide feedback. Video meetings can be particularly effective for these types of meetings because it more closely models an in-person meeting.

Establish Communication Channels

When managing remote employees, it’s key to have a mutually understood and agreed upon mode of communication. Determine the most effective and preferred ways of communication and in what situations they should be utilized, and share this with your remote team. For instance, perhaps email should be the go-to method for communication, while instant messaging should be used for time-sensitive questions, and phone calls are for emergencies. This prevents frustrations on both sides if someone can’t be reached because they aren’t using the right communication channel.

Engage in Small Talk

The impromptu, non-work related conversations you have in the office with your employees actually go a long way at creating a trustworthy relationship. Unfortunately, remote employees can miss out on this opportunity to get to know you since it’s likely that most of your communication is strictly business. Make it a point to include small talk when you can, such as before official meetings start or just a friendly email or chat about an outside topic.

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