Looking at employee engagement and involvement – does your team really want to be at the office day after day?


As one of the most experienced employment agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing understands the impact engagement has an overall productivity and morale in a workplace. If your team works hard because they are internally motivated, they will do better work than if they are only driven by external factors, such as pay or job security. Determine if your employees are engaged by reviewing these indicators:

Time Off

Take a look at how often the members of your team are away from the office, particularly cases of last minute call-offs. While taking vacation should be encouraged to prevent burnout, if your employees seem to be out of the office frequently, it could be a sign of them not wanting to be there.


Even if your team is in the office physically, are they mentally checked in? Consider their productivity levels and how often they take steps to exceed expectations, rather than simply do the bare minimum. Engaged employees perform to high standards voluntarily, while disengaged ones do enough to prevent disciplinary issues.


Employees who really want to be at the office will likely be the ones who ask questions and seem genuinely interested in how things work at the company, how decisions are made, final results, etc. Think about the level of curiosity your team exhibits to determine if their engagement needs to be addressed.


Too much chit-chat may hinder productivity, but a blatant lack of socializing and camaraderie is a warning sign that your team doesn’t care to be there. It can mean that employees are just showing up to get the work done and hurry out, and don’t want to try to feel like part of a team.

Voluntary Effort

It may seem inconsequential, but lighthearted workplace activities that aren’t actually work, such as decorating workspaces or participating in office contests, actually show a lot about employee engagement. Engaged employees want to do things to make the atmosphere more positive and don’t mind putting in some additional voluntary effort, while disengaged ones won’t want to participate any more than they have to.

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