Question: What Will It Cost You to Leave Your Current Job?


Are you considering leaving your current job and exploring what others jobs in Bloomfield NJ are out there? While all of the things you could stand to gain are likely top of mind, it’s important to examine all the possibilities that switching jobs entails. So what will it cost you to leave your current job? Consider these possible factors to figure out if it is worth it:


Getting a new job is a significant time investment. Searching for leads, applying, interviewing, and wrapping things up at your job before leaving – all this time really adds up, especially when you’re pursuing multiple job opportunities.

Institutional Knowledge

When you’ve been at a job for a while, you pick up on how things are done and personally witness changes take place. You give up that institutional knowledge when you leave your job. You will lose the identity of “experienced professional” and turn into “newbie” overnight, which can take a hit on your confidence.


If you’ve accumulated paid time off at your current job and aren’t able to use it up before you leave, you may have to give it up or take the cash value. However, once you start a new job, you will likely be starting over and having to slowly build up paid time off.


There is the very real possibility you may have to take a pay cut if you leave your current job. Whether you are re-entering a job market that isn’t as good to candidates in your industry, or leaving a place that gives regular generous raises and going to a place that does not, you could lose out on immediate or long-term pay.


While there can be excitement in changing jobs, it can also bring a lot of stress. Trying to keep your job search secret, interview anxiety, weighing job offers, or not knowing if you’ll fit in with a new company culture – it can all take an emotional toll that you can’t put a price tag on.

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