Three Easy Tips That You’re Overlooking That Will Improve Your Internal Communication

Improving Internal Communication

As one of the top engineering recruitment agencies, Spectrum Staffing is a trusted resource for numerous employers to help with their business objectives. Effective communication is a common area in which leadership tends to struggle, but if improving it isn’t a priority, the performance of the company will suffer. Improve your internal communication with these three easy tips that you’re overlooking:

Foster a Culture of Open Communication

Your employees look to you for cues on how they should communicate. If you want to improve communication, you have to encourage them to communicate more freely. Set a good example when you communicate so they witness the actions they should be emulating. Coach them when you notice ineffective communication practices from them, and then reward them with compliments when they do communicate how you want them to. Once you lay the groundwork and focus on modifying the culture so employees see that communication is valued, it will organically improve over time.

Set Clear Expectations For Employees

A lack of communication skills isn’t usually something employees realize in themselves. Or even if they do know they are struggling, they may not know what concrete steps to take to fix it. A simple way to improve your internal communication is to establish clear expectations for how everyone should communicate. Your official policies may vary depending on your department’s processes and needs, but outlining the communication plans you expect for common scenarios (such as for sharing constructive criticism or even calling in sick) will ensure that everyone is on the same page and knows how they should be communicating.

Listen More Closely

The most skilled communicators are strategic with the amount of communicating they do, in comparison to their amount of listening. Make it a point to listen more closely to what your employees and colleagues say, their tone, and body language. A great deal of miscommunication occurs because each person is considering their own perspectives so much that it comes at a detriment to hearing feedback and listening to other people’s needs. Actively listening in the workplace prevents people from making incorrect assumptions, missing key information, mishearing, and simply not getting the whole story.

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