Why Companies That Want to Be the Best Need to Be Aware of Their Online Presence and Reviews


Attracting the attention of top talent is just the beginning of the engineering recruitment process. Once you pique the interest of candidates, they will typically perform their due diligence and research your company online. If your company has a negative online reputation, it could cost you the chance to even be considered by the most in-demand prospects. Learn more about how your company’s online reputation can affect your recruitment efforts.

Industry Reputation

Your company won’t be able to recruit the best of the best candidates if they sense that your company doesn’t have a strong reputation within your industry. Candidates often review your online presence because they don’t want to tarnish their stellar resume by working for a company that isn’t well-respected. Even if your company doesn’t have any negative press or online attention within the industry, you don’t want to have no presence at all. Make it a point to ensure you submit press releases for any positive industry accolades or achievements and include them on your website to highlight your industry reputation.

Candidate Reputation

Top talent do not want to waste their time dealing with a company that doesn’t treat candidates with respect during the hiring process. They will likely look to online reviews to see if you were timely and responsive and have a standard hiring process, or if you aren’t communicative, require an excessive number of interviews, or take too long to extend offers. Beyond prioritizing candidate experience going forward, if you see negative reviews online, have someone respond to the review in a positive manner – this empowers your company to take some ownership and demonstrate that future candidates don’t have to worry about not being treated respectfully.

Culture Reputation

Your company’s values and how things are done in the day-to-day work environment are crucial parts of a candidate’s decision-making process. They want to work for a place they’ll fit in with, so it’s important that your online presence, such as a company website or social media, highlights your company’s culture so that you attract the right talent. A significant amount of negative external reviews about your company’s culture is a sign that things need to change internally, or else you won’t be able to retain top talent. So take the feedback with an open mind to determine if it’s coming from a place of bitterness or hard truth.

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