Looking for a New Job? You Better Start Networking and Improving Your Personal Relationships



As one of the top nationwide job search agencies, Spectrum Staffing Services has the knowledge and experience needed to help job seekers find opportunities that help with their professional goals. Very often, jobs are filled based on recommendations from someone whose professional opinion the hiring manager values. Having someone be able to vouch for you can get your application a closer look and help get your foot in the door. If you don’t have much of a network of professional contacts, make it a priority to start networking with these tips.

Change Your Mindset

Don’t think of networking as some boring or nerve-wracking thing you have to do or else you’ll have a hard time starting and will dread the process. Instead, shift your perspective and remind yourself that networking can improve with practice and may lead to a positive outcome.

Ask for Introductions

Cold-emailing or calling someone you don’t know may understandably make you anxious at the start. Make the transition smoother by reaching out to people you already know and seeing if they have anyone they could introduce you to in their professional circles. Plus, you’ll have an easy icebreaker (how you each know your mutual connection).

Attend Events

Networking events are a great way to build connections since everyone is there for the same reason. Sign up for email lists for professional organizations or look for LinkedIn groups to find networking events to attend to get you started building professional relationships.

Prepare Your Points

Before you approach someone, whether in an individual email or at a networking event, prepare some talking points ahead of time. Practice your introduction and come up with some questions you’d like to ask. If you get nervous, it’s difficult to think off the top of your head, but being prepared will make you more confident.

Set Goals

Hold yourself accountable and make your networking more successful by setting specific goals ahead of time. Examples include: reaching out to a certain number of people per week or at an event, devoting one day a week to finding new events or people or practicing your introduction and pitch.

Follow Up

Once you meet someone, that’s just the beginning of your networking efforts. In order for these connections to mean something, you have to cultivate them by following up occasionally (and not just when you need something). Invite them to catch up over coffee every so often or simply send an email with an article you thought they’d enjoy.

If networking isn’t getting you the right job leads, Spectrum Staffing can help. We have been matching candidates with available opportunities from our nationwide clients for over 25 years, and are one of the most experienced job search agencies that you can trust to serve as a resource for your job search. Search our current available positions to get started.

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