Don’t Let Your Misinterpretation of a Resume Cost You Your Next All-Star Employee



As one of the top engineering recruitment agencies in the nation, our recruiters here at Spectrum Staffing know how to evaluate candidates for the traits and skills that will make them the best hires. As any hiring manager who has experienced a bad hire knows, even if a candidate has all the desired qualifications, they may not be a top performer. Employers are left wondering what went wrong, which is usually a key flaw in their strategy: not assessing candidates on their potential, but strictly focusing on a “wish list” of qualifications that may or may not actually predict success. Avoid misinterpreting resumes and losing out on candidates by being open-minded about these factors:


Someone at a junior level could have lots of responsibilities and achievements and therefore, not be underqualified, while a more senior level candidate could actually want to take a step back for personal or professional reasons without it being a red flag.


Not having worked in the exact industry as your company doesn’t necessarily mean the candidate wouldn’t be a good fit. Depending on the industry, it may require similar skills and be more related to your company’s industry than you may think.


Staying at the same place/position for a significant amount of time may not mean a candidate is complacent – they could have gradually gained more skills and taken on more responsibility, but the company’s structure didn’t allow for a new title or promotion.


Gaps on a resume can have perfectly acceptable explanations, such as lay-offs not related to performance or taking time off for personal or health reasons. If there’s no overall pattern of job-hopping, a resume gap may not be indicative of underlying issues and could cost you top talent if you don’t look more into it.


Many skills that seem unrelated at first glance are actually easily transferable to your company if you’re willing to analyze them a bit more critically. Consider if a candidate’s skills demonstrate competency in key areas for your company, instead of tossing aside a resume because the skills aren’t a precise match.


No matter how perfectly matched a candidate’s qualifications appear on their resume, they will still need to be taught how to do things your company’s way. The best hire is generally the one who is most able and willing to be coached and learn. Review resumes looking for the examples that demonstrate the fundamental traits needed to succeed at your organization, even if they lack some of the qualifications on your wish list.

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