Is Your Resume a True Representation of Who You Are and the Skills You Bring to Your Next Employer?



Spectrum Staffing Services is one of the most experienced employment agencies in Raleigh NC, so we have insight into both the employer and job seeker perspective. Employers typically receive an overwhelming amount of resumes and don’t have the time to give each one an in-depth reading during the initial reviewing process. This is why it’s crucial for candidates to write their resumes strategically to ensure it is apparent at a quick glance that you’re qualified and worth pursuing further. Create a resume that is a true representation of who you are and what skills you’ll bring to your next employer with these tips.

Avoid Generic Cliché Phrases

Phrases such as “proven track record” or “motivated self-starter” are filler that don’t actually strengthen your resume. They also are subjective, and so many other candidates use these organs that they don’t appropriately showcase your unique qualifications.

Focus on Telling Your Story

For your resume to represent you most accurately, make sure it clearly tells your professional story. Whether you’ve bounced back from failure, learned new skills to transition into a different industry, or worked your way up within a company, focus on conveying that through your resume rather than just arbitrarily listing job responsibilities.

Determine Most Relevant Skills

In order for hiring managers to realize that you’re a qualified candidate, ensure that you are highlighting your skills that are most relevant to their job. If you use the same resume every time, you may inadvertently misrepresent yourself because hiring managers may not notice your relevant skills if they’re mixed up with irrelevant ones.

Use Common Keywords

Remember: hiring managers (or applicant tracking systems) perform preliminary scans of your resume to determine if you meet the basic qualifications that would facilitate a closer read. Make it clear at first glance that you’re a match by using common keywords from the job description in your resume.

Highlight Quantifiable Results and Achievements

Hiring managers have a sense of what you did at previous jobs simply by the job title, so there’s no need to list out all of your responsibilities. Instead, you need to show what separates you from other candidates with a similar background – highlight any quantifiable results and achievements, such as awards you earned or metrics (I.e., improved X by 20%).

Find the job and employer that is the best fit for you by working with Spectrum Staffing Services. As one of the most reputable employment agencies in Raleigh NC, we can connect you with opportunities from employers in NC or nationwide. Search Spectrum’s current open positions.

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