Planning Your Business Amid Economic Uncertainty: How to Staff the Perfect Amount of Employees to Get the Job Done



Spectrum Staffing offers a variety of services, including engineering recruitment, and work with organizations to help them determine their optimal staffing levels and to provide temporary candidates for necessary coverage during unexpected shortages or peak times. Planning your business amid economic uncertainty is challenging – too many employees wastes money, while too few affects productivity. Learn more about how to staff the perfect amount of employees to get the job done.

Analyze Past Data to Anticipate Future Needs

Review any records from previous years to determine if there are any clear-cut patterns of which you should be aware as you make plans. Look for peaks or declines in demand or profit in certain times during multiple years to see if it’s likely to occur again and not just a one-off.

Consider Upcoming Plans

Think about any organizational plans that are on the horizon, such as product launches or special promotions. Consider if you will need more hands on deck to help with upcoming projects, offer additional expertise, or deal with increased customer service demands.

Determine Realistic Productivity Levels

Think about how much the average employee can realistically accomplish, whether it’s production output, number of hours, or whatever is applicable to your organizational needs. Then, consider how much productivity is needed during average times versus peak times. Compare that to the realistic employee productivity level to get an estimate on how many employees would be needed at a given time.

Investigate Flexible Options for Peak Times

If your peak times are so significantly higher than your baseline, research staffing options that give you the flexibility you need. Otherwise, you’re either left being over-staffed the rest of the year or scrambling when it gets busy. Establishing a relationship with a staffing firm can help you get temporary employees for your peak needs so you always have optimal staffing levels, and save you money, time, and hassle.

Streamline your hiring process and find just the right amount of employees in a timely manner with the help of Spectrum Staffing Services, one of the top engineering recruitment agencies in the nation. We offer a range of staffing and recruitment services, from temporary to direct placement. For over 25 years, we have been serving clients nationwide with their hiring needs.  Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.



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