Start from the Source: When it Comes to Improving Employee Dedication, Lead by Example


As one of the most experienced engineering recruitment agencies in the nation, Spectrum Staffing Services has had the unique opportunity to gain insight into both the employer and employee mindsets. Leadership wants to increase employee engagement, but often doesn’t know how to effectively influence such a major shift. The best place to start is right from the source and be the change you want to see. Improve employee dedication and lead by example with these tips:

Improving Overall Attitude

Make it a priority to convey a positive attitude on an everyday basis, but especially during times of stress or change in the workplace. If employees see their manager coming across in any manner that could be seen as cynical or indifferent, they will follow suit. Boosting the overall morale in the workplace by having a positive attitude increases the likelihood of your employees being more satisfied and thus, more dedicated.

Acknowledging Growth Opportunities

If you want your employees to be dedicated to the organization, that generally entails having the motivation to continuing to grow and learn new skills in order to be an asset. No matter how high your level, there is always an area in which you can grow professionally. Let your employees see you trying to learn a new skill and they may not only respect you, but they’ll be influenced to do the same themselves.

Abiding by Expectations

Dedication to a company can plummet when employees see leadership not holding themselves to the same level as they expect from those at a lower level. Model good behavior by keeping your word and abiding by the same expectations as everyone else. Employees will see that going above and beyond is actually valued at all levels, and will take the expectations communicated to them more seriously.

Embracing Change

Engagement is at risk of plummeting during times of transition – employees may fear that changes will result in more work or other potentially negative consequences. Prevent employees from being suspicious of change and losing their motivation to work hard for the company by demonstrating an open-mindedness to change and expressing the benefits or looking for solutions for issues that arise.

Get dedicated employees to join your team with the help of Spectrum Staffing, one of the top engineering recruitment agencies in the country with more than 25 years of experience. We focus on collaborating with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of what they’re looking for in candidates so we can provide ones that are the best fit. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and business services.

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