Need to Get More Done This Summer? Start with a Vacation. Trust Us.


Spectrum Staffing is one of the top temp agencies in NJ and throughout our experience working with job seekers, one common concern is how to make their job search as productive as possible. The desire to find a job leads to excessive effort that often backfires and ends up accomplishing less than taking some time off and then returning to the search. Here’s why you’ll get more accomplished in your job search this summer by taking a vacation:


Your physical and mental energy levels are finite. If you don’t take time off, your motivation will eventually run out. A quick vacation will refresh you and by the time you return, you’ll be itching to get your job search back up and running.


The problem with going non-stop is that you don’t have the opportunity to regroup and take stock on the effectiveness of your actions. When you allow yourself a vacation, you’ll have separated enough from your daily grind that you’ll be able to think more clearly on what is and isn’t working, and figure out a new, better than ever strategy.


Job searching has a lot of emotional highs and lows. When you’re not getting the outcome you desire, you may start to lose self-confidence. Plus, when all of your time is devoted to your job search and it’s not yet successful, it can make you feel hopeless about your current situation. A break on the other hand, can give you perspective and help you realize that not having the job situation you want at the moment doesn’t need to totally derail your happiness and self-esteem.


Taking a break to socialize this summer can actually help your job search since one of the most important parts of a successful job search is networking. Meeting new people and maintaining contact with the ones you already know is a great way to get job referrals and helpful advice. Who knows? Maybe a backyard cookout could end up leading to the job you’ve been wanting!

Once you’re ready to jump back into your job search, work with Spectrum Staffing Services to find the best opportunities for you. We are one of the most experienced temp agencies in NJ and our professional recruiters can match you with jobs that are a match for your skills and goals. Learn more – search Spectrum’s current open positions.

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