Getting to the Basics When it Comes to Data Overload. How to Find the Best Employee Among 100 Applications


Engineering recruitment can be a time-consuming endeavor when one job posting leads to 100 applications or more. In order to prevent top talent from getting their applications lost in the mix, it’s crucial to have a sorting and evaluation system in place to quickly and accurately review applications. Learn more about how to find the best employee among so many submitted applications:

 Search Keywords

Develop a list of keywords or phrases that indicate fundamental qualifications for the position (such as particular certification or proficiency in a specific program) and filter resumes based on them. If you use an applicant tracking system (ATS), this process can be automated, but even using the “Find” feature in a word processing software can significantly cut down on review time.

Attention to Detail

A simple way to weed out the candidates who are mass-applying for jobs and aren’t as serious about your opportunity is to include an instruction for applying (such as using a specific email subject line). If applicants aren’t paying attention to detail when they should be trying to impress you the most, they most likely won’t be any better if hired.

Compelling Cover Letter

Consider making a cover letter a requirement for your applicants. While resumes can look similar and take longer to weed through, a well-written and compelling cover letter makes it apparent at first glance which candidates deserve a closer look.

Personality Traits

Being right for the job is just as much about having the right personality traits as it is about having the right experience and skills. Narrow down the most crucial personality traits for the job, and be on the lookout for examples that support them in an applicant’s work history, cover letter, email correspondence, etc.

Red Flags

Be on he lookout for any concerning issues on an application so you can review through them more efficiently. This could include: a history of job-hopping, large gaps of unaccounted for time in work history, or even just numerous typos. If there’s a reasonable explanation for red flags, a conscientious candidate with nothing to hide will address it in their cover letter.

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