How to Land Your Next Job with a Top Pharmaceutical Company in NJ


Spectrum Staffing Services, a pharmaceutical staffing agency, works with employees to help them fill their available positions. Getting the job you want is a matter of focusing on your goals, developing a plan, and putting in the effort to figure out what is most effective in attracting the attention of hiring managers and making a positive first impression. Here’s how to land your next job with a top pharmaceutical company in NJ.

Craft a Top Notch Resume

You could have all of the qualifications and soft skills (and then some) for a pharmaceutical position, but if you don’t effectively convey them on your resume, you won’t even get the chance to be in the running. Review several pharmaceutical job listings, and see what background, skills, and traits are most in demand. Craft your resume to highlight only the most applicable, in-demand qualifications. Look for common keywords in the posts and be sure to include those in your resume so hiring managers know you’re a qualified candidate, even at a quick glance.

Find the Best Source for Job Leads

Hiring managers look for candidates for their pharmaceutical positions in a variety of ways, so don’t limit yourself to the same old general job boards. Try to find job leads that are as specific as possible, such as directly from company websites, industry organizations, or a staffing agency that focuses on pharmaceutical job placement. You’ll likely find better leads, and be dealing with less competition to get noticed.

Develop and Mine Your Network

Often your best bet of landing any job is by getting a personal recommendation, which is why it’s so important to network. Reach out to the contacts you already know to see if they have any connections to pharmaceutical companies and could offer job leads, references, or introductions. If you don’t have much of a professional network yet, focus on meeting people in the pharmaceutical industry at networking events or by joining online industry groups. Introduce yourself and show interest in getting to know them, and they’ll likely be more open to passing along helpful information that could get you a foot in the door.

Master Your Interview Skills

Once you’ve put in the effort and gotten to the interview stage for a pharmaceutical job, it’s crucial to be as prepared as possible to make the most of the opportunity. Review the job listing closely, research the company, and have answers ready so you can explain why you’re qualified and why you’d be the best candidate. Express sincere appreciation for the opportunity, and follow up afterward to thank them again and reiterate your enthusiasm.

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