Four Strategies to Avoid Company Drama Around the Water Cooler


As one of the top staffing agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing Services has seen through our years of experience just how crucial a positive company culture is for job satisfaction. Being entrenched in an atmosphere of gossip or other negative interpersonal issues brings down your mood and can make it difficult to focus on your work. Learn more with these four strategies to avoid company drama around the water cooler.

Find An Alternative Way to Connect

Gossiping and venting in the workplace is often a method your coworkers are using to find a common ground and connect with you. Try to change the subject and express interest in engaging in conversation about other topics. You may find that not only keeps you out of any drama, but it may also get the offenders to stop because they realize there are other options for connecting with their coworkers.

Acknowledge It

An effective way to conduct yourself in a negative water cooler conversation is to actually force the speaker to acknowledge what they are doing. Asking “Why do you say that?” gives the other person a chance to either state facts, or come to the realization that they’re just gossiping for the sake of it. They’ll either do some self-reflection or simply figure out that you’re not the best one to get involved with drama.

Vent Elsewhere

Venting is a slippery slope at work. It’s tempting to voice your frustrations to coworkers because they know what you’re going through, but it can backfire on you. Your words can be taken out of context or something you thought was said in confidence is relayed to others. Instead, hold it in until you’re off the clock and vent to a trusted confidant with no connection to your workplace.

Assume Positivity

When you’re tempted to react to perceived slights (and thus get yourself involved in workplace drama), take a moment to pause before you confront or talk negatively about the other person. Your gut instinct may be that they were trying to insult you, be rude, or otherwise dismissive; however, if you change your mindset and assume a more positive scenario (perhaps they were distracted or simply didn’t realize how they were coming across), you’ll keep yourself out of conflict and be in a better mood.

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