Breeding Innovation: How to Make Your Employees Creative and Innovative


Spectrum Staffing Services is one of the most trusted temp agencies in NJ and through our experience collaborating with employers, there is a common desire: to cultivate creativity and innovation. If employees aren’t coming forth with new ideas, it’s often because they don’t realize that’s what you want from them or they don’t know how to get into that mindset. Make your employees creative and innovative with these tips.

Discourage Fear of Failure

With new ideas comes the very real risk that they won’t work out as expected. This fear of failure is what often holds employees back from suggesting ideas. Communicate the message loud and clear that it’s okay to take a risk, and that it’s better to think outside the box and end up with an unsuccessful outcome than to stay stagnant.

Set Aside Specific Time

Creative and innovative brainstorming is a worthwhile goal, but doesn’t have the same sense of urgency as more time-sensitive tasks. Your employees may have every intention of developing new ideas, but it may get pushed aside by things that seem more pressing. If you want to make creativity and innovation a priority, schedule specific time in which to share ideas.

Be a Good Example

Make it clear that you aren’t just paying lip service when you say you value creativity and innovation. Model the behavior you want your employees to take, such as by suggesting new ideas of your own or facilitating a brainstorming session, and they will likely be influenced by your example.

Ask Leading Questions

It can be intimidating for employees to bring forth their ideas or they may question whether or not they even have the ability to be creative and innovative. Help them unleash their potential by asking questions to draw out their ideas. Examples include, “Why…?” and “What if we…?” to start a discussion about topics most applicable to your workplace.

Show Your Appreciation

Creativity and innovation requires a certain amount of going above and beyond, so if your employees aren’t currently engaged in their roles, they won’t have the motivation to do more than their current duties require. To alleviate this issue, make it a point to express the value your employees add so they feel a sense of purpose, along with your appreciation for a job well done.

Facilitate Open Communication

Consider the current level of comfort your employees have in terms of approaching you. Focus on forming a closer, more trustworthy relationship with your team so they don’t have any concerns about coming to you with their creative and innovative ideas. Get to know them better, express your desire to have them contact you, and be as accessible as possible when they do by giving prompt responses.

Attract innovative and creative thinking talent for your team with the help of Spectrum Staffing Services. We are among the most experienced temp agencies in NJ and can utilize our industry expertise to find you quality candidates. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing services.