How to Relaunch Your Career After Being Terminated from Your Current Job


Spectrum Staffing is a top engineering staffing agency, and serves as a resource for helping candidates find the right opportunities for them. If you find yourself in the position of being fired from a job, your job outlook may seem bleak. Fortunately, being let go from your job only has to be a temporary setback. Relaunch your career after being terminated from your current job with these tips:

Get in the Right Mindset

You can’t move forward if you’re still ruminating about the unfairness of your termination or how it must mean that you’re a failure. If you approach the situation in a negative mindset, you won’t be as effective at accomplishing your goal of finding a new job. Remind yourself: plenty of people have gotten terminated and managed to get a new job. It is not hopeless, but it does require determination and effort to succeed.

Figure Out What Went Wrong

Reflect on your termination and the reasons behind it. Were you simply a poor overall fit for the role or work environment? Did you struggle with internal motivation that prevented you from performing to expectations? Figure out what truly went wrong so that you can prevent it from happening again. This will also help you narrow down what types of jobs you should be pursuing, and what ones to avoid.

Be Prepared with a Response

You can’t hide the fact that you were terminated from your most recent job. It will almost certainly come up in the interview process. Since there’s no avoiding the question of, “Why did you leave your last job?” be ready to address it. Have a direct response prepared about why you were terminated, what you learned, and what steps you’re taking to ensure it won’t be an issue again.

Utilize Your Network

It’s a lot easier to be considered for a job, even if you’ve been recently let go, if you’re able to sidestep the standard application process and get your foot in the door via a personal referral. Ask around to your contacts within your network, and let them know about your situation. Since they have an established relationship with you, they may be more understanding and willing to vouch for you.

Fill in the Gaps On Your Resume

The lower your current job from which you terminated lands on your resume, the less important it will be in your job search process. Even if your overall goal is to get a permanent, full-time job, consider other options to give you more recent work experience. Try out volunteer, contract, freelance, or temporary work to fill in the gaps and make your terminated position less relevant.

If you need additional support to get your engineering career back on track, Spectrum Staffing can help. We have been matching candidates with available opportunities from our nationwide clients for over 25 years, and are an experienced engineering staffing agency that you can trust to serve as a resource for your job search. Search our current available positions to get started.