Gaps in Your Work History? Don’t Worry. Here’s How to Discuss Them in Your Next Interview


As one of the top staffing agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has helped countless job seekers find opportunities. A common concern among job seekers is how having gaps in their work history may affect their ability to successfully re-enter the workforce. Plenty of workers step away from employment for a wide variety of reasons, so it’s definitely possible to transition back into the workforce – if you are proactive and know how to handle it. Here’s how to discuss the gaps in your work history during your next interview:

Address It Head On

Most hiring managers will wonder what you’ve been doing during the time periods where there’s a gap in your work history. Rather than avoiding it, address it head on right up front. This empowers you to control the narrative, instead of the hiring manager making assumptions. Be direct and say why you’ve been out of the workforce, and why you’re ready to reenter.

Have a Response Ready to Go

When an interviewer asks you about your employment history gaps, have a response prepared and ready to go. Express why you’ve been out, but then elaborate on what would make you a valuable employee. Consider what strengths align with what they’re looking for, and play up your personal traits and soft skills you would bring, such as time management, communication, organization, problem-solving, and perseverance.

Answer with Confidence

If you want potential employers to believe in you, you have to convey that you are confident in your own ability to reenter the workforce and be a strong employee. It’s nothing to be ashamed of, but if you come across as uncertain, it could make the hiring manager worried that your gaps are a red flag. Practice discussing the topic until you can do so with confidence.

Consider Alternatives to Fill In the Gaps

Sometimes having gaps in your employment history will make it difficult to get job offers, especially if there is a significant amount of competition with candidates who have current employment. Take control by considering other alternatives to fill in the gaps and give you some current experience. Work with a staffing agency to find some temporary assignments to help you transition your way back into the workforce, and make your previous gaps less important.

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