Managing Risk: How to Make Sure Your Employees are Following Process While Considering Innovation and Process Changes


Spectrum Staffing is one of the most experienced recruiting agencies in NJ, and has worked with numerous organizations in NJ and nationwide. The companies that have the most longevity are the ones that are open to growth via innovation and change. However, it can be challenging to implement process changes because employees may be unclear about the transition. Here’s how to make sure your employees are following process, while you’re considering innovation and process changes:

Create a Communication Plan

Prevent as many issues as possible by creating a communication plan before any information about upcoming changes goes public. Decide the exact information you will relay to your employees, in what stages, and through what means, such as a face-to-face department meeting, companywide memo, etc. This will keep any misunderstandings to a minimum, versus if information about changes to processes are trickling out from different sources.

Consider Impact on Employees

To increase employee buy-in for your innovation and process changes, take the time to consider what impact it will have on them. Will they have to do more work, deal with upset customers or clients, or simply be stressed or confused? Take an empathetic stance and acknowledge the impact to your employees. They will be more likely to remain engaged and put forth the effort to pay attention to the evolving workflow processes.

Implement Training

To make the transition as successful as possible, implement training for your employees on how to follow process and deal with upcoming changes. Be as direct as possible about the expectations for the various stages. Tell them exactly what processes will remain in effect and need to stay being followed, what new ones will be implemented, and when they will need to start following those. Don’t rely on word-of-mouth, casual updates or you risk your employees not understanding what is expected of them.

Offer Ongoing Support

Even with all your best efforts to keep your employees on task and following the correct processes during a transitional period, there are bound to be some issues that arise along the way. Continue to offer support to your employees on an ongoing basis. Be accessible to answer any questions or hear their feedback. Open communication will help make it a success until the changes are all implemented.

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