The Three Steps to Making Your Next Interview Engaging and Thought-Provoking


As one of the go-to temp agencies in NJ, here at Spectrum Staffing we have the unique opportunity to learn about the hiring process from both the employer and candidate perspectives. While job interviews are certainly more favorable for the employer since candidates are vying for a chance to prove themselves as the top choice, it’s important to consider the candidate experience as well. A standard, even boring interview can turn off top talent who have abundant choices. Check out the three steps to making your next interview engaging and thought-provoking:

Know What You’re Looking For

It’s so much easier to organically establish an engaging and thought-provoking interview if you are able to tailor your process to the specific role and what you’re looking for in the candidates. Decide what exactly you are looking for in the ideal candidate for the position. Beyond the actual qualifications of technical skills or experience, consider the soft skills or personality traits that are most crucial for success at your organization. Then you’ll be able to make the experience more personalized and insightful.

Be Prepared

No matter how many interviews you’ve conducted and how second nature it feels to you, you won’t be able to truly get the most out of the experience without being adequately prepared. Develop questions around those most important soft skills and traits that you’re looking for, with an emphasis on requesting real-life past examples. Encouraging candidates to tell a story, as opposed to provide an answer, makes the interaction more authentic and easier for them to convey what they’re really like professionally.

And before each interview, review the candidate’s resume and add in some questions that are personalized to their specific background. This will give them the chance to stand out as an individual and very likely provide more compelling responses.

Make it a Conversation

Question and answer sessions don’t have much potential to be engaging and thought-provoking because of their confined nature. To really make the most of the interview, try to make the interaction less limited and more free-flowing by framing it as a conversation. To encourage a back-and-forth conversation, listen carefully and ask follow up questions after a candidate’s response. Ask for elaboration or mention an observation or share a similar anecdote of your own. Try to think of ways to transition from question to question in a more natural, less stilted way.

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