Starting to Feel Like Your Job Is In a Rut? Here’s How to Regroup and Refocus!


Spectrum Staffing is a leading engineering staffing agency and works with countless candidates to help them get their careers back on track after getting in a rut. How do you know if it a job is no longer serving your personal and professional needs and it’s time to move on? If you regularly dread going in, feel envious of other people when they get new jobs, or simply no longer feel motivated to go above and beyond, it’s likely time for a change. If you’re starting to feel like your job is in a rut, follow these steps to regroup and refocus:

Answer the Main Question

Sit down and be honest with yourself and answer one main question: What is the problem? Consider the specifics of what is really bothering you about your current situation. Do you like the workplace but not the work? Are you bored or stressed? Do you feel like you’re not appreciated or that you aren’t fulfilling your potential there? Narrow down what your main problem is with your job – then you’ll have a foundation to create your plan to dig yourself out of your current rut.

Determine Your Options

Once you know what the underlying issue is with your job rut, determine your possible options for regrouping and refocusing. Do you need to pursue a promotion versus find a new employer? Do you want to switch careers totally or get into a new industry or move to a new location? Solidify the actionable options you could take to change your current job situation.

Lay Out Your Goals and Steps

If you want to go beyond knowing that you have a rut to get out of, and actually make it happen, you need two things: goals and defined steps. In addition to your most major goal, lay out the sub-goals that will help you progress toward it (such as earning new credentials or gaining more experience). To make sure you’re consistently getting closer to your goals, break them down into defined steps for which you can take action. Earning a new certification could consist of steps that include: researching a program, signing up, paying for it, studying, etc.

Work Consistently Toward Improvement

The fundamental difference between those who actually get out of their ruts, and those who recognize the problem but never succeed in fixing it, boils down to consistency. You must make it a priority to work on a regular basis to taking the actions necessary, no matter how small the step seems to be. If you wait until you have big chunks of time or feel especially motivated, time may slip away and you’ll be further in your rut.

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