Is Time Management Your Biggest Management Flaw?


Spectrum Staffing is among the top recruiting agencies in NJ, and through our years of working with clients, time management tends to be a top priority for their overall business objectives. If you’re not using your time in an efficient manner, it contributes to reduced productivity, and increased stress and opportunity costs. If time management is your biggest flaw as a manager, improve your time management with these tips.

Be Intentional

Make a plan for your day ahead of time. Determine your top three priorities for the upcoming day (ideally at the end of the previous workday). Decide how you want your day to go, rather than simply reacting to events.

Slash Your To Do List

Limit the number of items on your To Do list and focus on a few key tasks. If you try to take on too much at once, you may exhaust yourself and not have anything to show for it.

Learn to Delegate

Micromanagement is a time management killer. Look at your workload and system processes, and see if there’s anything you can reduce your role in or outright delegate to someone else.

Let Go of Perfectionism

The pursuit of perfection will backfire because it tends to make things take way longer than necessary without a significant difference in quality in the finished product. Figure out your standards, then limit yourself to a particular deadline or number of reviews.

Stop Multitasking

Working on multiple tasks simultaneously may feel productive, but it actually makes you accomplish less because you’re unable to completely focus. Work on one task at a time before switching and you’ll get through your list more quickly.

Batch Like Tasks

Getting your brain on auto-pilot can help you accomplish more in less time. Rather than switching back and forth between individual tasks (and forcing your brain to change gears), work in batches. For example, answer emails or return phone calls in groups all at once.

Limit Meetings

Meetings can be one of the biggest hindrances to time management, especially ones that are too long and don’t have a clear objective. When possible, try to accomplish things without a sit-down meeting. If a meeting is crucial, ensure there is a clear agenda and objective in place.

Optimize Your Time

Pay close attention to when you’re most and least focused, then plan your To Do list around it. For example, if you find you’re at your most clear-headed mid-morning, plan to tackle strategic, higher level tasks then and save your tasks that don’t require as much brain power for when you tend to reach a slump.

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