How to Sell Yourself During Your Next 15 Minute Phone Interview


As one of the top staffing agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing knows what employers are looking for in candidates. As a job seeker, you have such limited windows of opportunity to make a great impression on hiring managers. Phone interviews are used by hiring managers to quickly screen candidates, so it’s crucial to be prepared so you can make the most of it and present yourself in the best light possible. Sell yourself during your next 15-minute phone interview with these tips:

Pick an Optimal Environment

The right location for your phone call can prevent unnecessary distractions and allow you to focus on the interview, rather than getting flustered at noise or technical difficulties. Pick a place that is quiet and has reliable phone reception so there are no auditory issues.

Prioritize Your Talking Points

Make every minute count during a phone interview by deciding what your interviewer needs to know about you, in order of importance. By prioritizing your talking points, you won’t waste valuable time and hang up without them knowing crucial information. If time is running out and you haven’t hit your top priority talking point, you know what to communicate before the call ends.

Speak Clearly and Smile

One of the trickiest aspects of phone interviews is the lack of eye contact and body language, which provides a great deal of context to your verbal communication. You have to put in more effort to sounding confident and personable when you’re only relying on your voice. Speak a bit louder, slower, and more upbeat than you normally would. Also, smile when you talk – it may seem silly, but smiling will naturally perk up your voice.

Ask Thoughtful Questions

The questions you ask during a phone interview can significantly shape the interviewer’s impression of you. Have thoughtful questions ready that show you’re enthusiastic about the job. When they’re determining who to contact for an in-person interview, they’ll be more inclined to go with the candidate who demonstrated they take the opportunity seriously.

Close the Call With Interest

When the phone interview comes to a close, make sure to express your appreciation for them taking the time to interview you, and then politely ask about the next steps in the evaluation process. Not only does this give you the information you need to set your expectations, but it also reiterates your interest in the position after you’ve heard more about it.

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