How to Find Top Candidates Amid Record Low Unemployment



As one of the top recruiting agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has worked with numerous clients in their search for top candidates. The unemployment rate reached a 16 year low this year, according to the US Department of Labor, which means that it’s more competitive than ever to attract top talent. The deepest pockets don’t always win – getting the candidates that you want requires strategic thinking in order to narrow your focus and target the right audience with the most effective selling points for your organization. Find top candidates among record low unemployment with these tips:

Figure Out Who You Want

Brainstorm the qualifications you desire in a candidate for a particular position, and then prioritize them. When you’re trying to find candidates during record low unemployment, you may not be able to land the ones who check every item off your wish list. Figure out the most important skills and/or traits for the position so you can cast a net to a smaller, more targeted group of prospects.

Determine What You Can Give

The balance of power is in top candidates’ hands during record low unemployment, so consider their perspective and what your organization can give them to make your job offers more appealing than your competition. Market value salary is definitely important, but don’t discount the power of work-life balance, flexible scheduling, telecommuting, opportunities for advancement, and a positive company culture.

Craft an Effective Job Description

Whether you’re listing a position on a job board or directly recruiting passive candidates, you should take the time to strategically craft the job description. Don’t just copy and paste a list of duties – really utilize it as an opportunity to pitch the position and get candidates intrigued. Include an introduction (three to five sentences) about the most interesting or appealing facets of the job, before you go on to list the overall responsibilities and key qualifications.

Highlight Positive Company Attributes

When top candidates are weighing their options, their decisions are likely to come down to what workplace would provide them the highest likelihood of job satisfaction. You must be able to answer one main question: Why should they want to work for you? It’s crucial to clearly highlight the positive attributes of your company and what makes it different than others. Have a pitch prepared using the positive factors your company provides (flexibility, growth, etc.) and utilize it in on a variety of channels, from the copy on your company’s career website to conversations with prospects.

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