Your Competition is Already Planning for 2018…Are You?


As a top provider of engineering hiring support in NJ, Spectrum Staffing works with a variety of employers to help them achieve their goals. Those who tend to be the most successful are the ones who are proactive and plan for their annual goals and strategies well ahead of time. Your competition is already planning for the upcoming year – don’t get left behind. Learn more about how to start planning for 2018.

Consider Organizational Objectives

To set a foundation for your plan and ensure that your effort and goals are worthwhile, first consider your organizational objectives. Then, determine what steps you could take to impact these objectives and truly make a difference in your company.

Factor in Employee Goals

For any leadership plan to succeed, it must account for employee engagement. Once you’ve determined what your team could contribute to organizational goals, also factor in specific goals that will be beneficial to the professional growth of your employees (i.e., helping them learn a new skill or take on more responsibility). By keeping your employees’ needs in mind when setting goals, they’ll be more motivated to also work hard toward the goals that help the company achieve its objectives.

Create an Overall Plan

After you’ve clearly defined what you want to achieve, create an overall plan to help you and your team get there. What are the specific steps to take to progress to the end goal? Break them down into easily measurable sub-goals that will consistently help make positive change. Consider your plan the map your team will follow to get to their final destination/end goal.

Develop Milestones

Working toward your annual goals is a marathon, not a sprint, so it’s important to maintain motivation and measure progress by developing milestones. Break down each of the goals and give them a timeline and specific milestones to help determine if you and your team are where they need to be if they want to end 2018 on a high note. For example, if your end goal is for a project to launch by October, perhaps initial testing will need to be completed by summer.

Schedule in Time to Revisit

What looked like the ultimate plan prior to 2018 may not necessarily work out as intended. Schedule in time to regularly revisit the progress and determine whether there needs to be any changes or adjusted expectations. If you don’t prioritize time for reflection throughout the year, you may not realize that you’re behind or changes need to be made to your strategy until it’s too late.

Start 2018 off right and build a team of top talent with the help of Spectrum Staffing Services. We have over 25 years of experience providing engineering hiring support in NJ. Our recruiters work with some of the nation’s largest companies and lend their industry expertise to find and hire the most qualified engineering candidates. Contact Spectrum  today to learn more about our business and staffing solutions.