5 Reasons to Start Showing More Gratitude at Work



Spectrum Staffing works with job seekers to help them find the administrative jobs in NJ that are the right opportunities for them. There is often a major difference between those who both excel and enjoy their jobs: gratitude. Making it a priority to show more gratitude at work can be beneficial to you professionally and personally. Here are five reasons to start showing more gratitude at work.

Improves Professional Relationships

When you take the initiative to express your appreciation to your colleagues and superiors, it can improve your professional relationships. You’ll make other people feel valued and good about themselves for their contributions. For instance, if your coworker always provides speedy turnarounds for something you need, let them know how much easier it makes your job. This can extend into more effective and enjoyable collaboration.

Makes You More Productive

The act of showing more gratitude at work can make you more productive because your motivation will shift from being external to internal. Instead of doing something because of a deadline or so you’ll keep your job, you may find yourself going above and beyond because you actually want to help the organization succeed – and actually enjoy it.

Increases Self-Confidence

Showing gratitude doesn’t just make the recipient of the praise feel good – when you intentionally focus your attention on the positive aspects of your work, it can increase your own self-confidence. By conditioning yourself to look for the benefits of your workplace, you’ll have a more optimistic viewpoint of your colleagues’ actions and responses to your work.

Helps You Overcome Adversity

By taking the time to thank people for their contributions and help in the workplace, you may eventually become better at overcoming adversity.  Professionals who actively show gratitude tend to be more open to viewing challenges and tribulations in a growth based manner (i.e., what it can teach you), rather than letting mistakes or failure reflect negatively on your abilities or how worthwhile you are as a person.

Boosts Your Workplace Satisfaction

Simply put: most workers are satisfied with their jobs if they work at a place with a positive, uplifting workplace culture. Making it a point to show gratitude at work can set off a positive chain of events. As you’re more pleasant to others, it may likely catch on and make them more positive toward you and others.

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Five Reasons to Start Showing More Gratitude at Work from Spectrum Staffing Services