Your Leadership Style Depends on One Major Thing…Employee Happiness



As one of the top recruiting agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing serves as a trusted partner with leaders of many organizations in NJ and nationwide to help them achieve their business objectives. Most leaders tend to share a common goal: hire top talent to produce quality work, which helps the organization achieve its goals. Often the focus of leadership styles is on updating processes and procedures and telling their employees to perform them, but that’s a mistake – employees are humans, not machines, so appealing to their emotions is more likely to result in positive change. Learn more about how to adapt your leadership style to improve employee happiness:

Make it Positive

Those who lead based on fear, such as threatening disciplinary action or firing, may get short-term results but it’s a bad long-term approach because it creates an “us versus them” mentality between leadership and employees. Aim to instill as much positivity as possible in your communication with employees, whether it’s discussing policy changes or necessary improvements to their performances.

Convey Your Passion

Adding a visionary aspect to your leadership style can evoke the passion that truly contributes to employees’ overall happiness in the workplace. Make it a point to convey your own passion – show excitement for new projects and brainstorm the possibilities of what you and your team could accomplish.

Arrange for Fun Perks

Pulling your team away from working every so often will actually help them accomplish more. Taking time to plan something fun for your team, such as bringing in a catered meal “just because” or surprising them by letting them leave early on a Friday, will benefit your company by keeping morale high.

Give Them Ownership

An effective leadership technique that helps foster employee happiness is knowing when to step back and let your team work without your input. When employees are given the opportunity to perform a task or project their own way and be held accountable, they feel a sense of ownership. While it’s more work and can be challenging, your employees will be happier because they’ll feel a sense of pride in their work and see that you have faith in their ability.

Employee happiness often rests on hiring for the best mutual fit – make your hiring process as effective as possible with the help of Spectrum Staffing Services, one of the most experienced recruiting agencies in NJ. We offer a range of staffing and recruitment services, from temporary to direct placement. For over 25 years, we have been serving clients nationwide with their hiring needs. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.

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