Preventing Common Office Injuries: How to Keep Your Back Healthy When You Sit at a Desk All Day


Spectrum Staffing’s team of staffing professionals in NJ is dedicated to helping job seekers achieve their professional goals. Many jobs require sitting most, if not all, of the workday. Just because a job isn’t physical doesn’t mean workers can’t get injured. In fact, sedentary work can cause back pain because of the lack of movement. Check out these tips to keep your back healthy when you sit at a desk all day:

Sit Up Straight

Focus on keeping your spine straight, your shoulders squared, and your feet flat on the floor. This can help prevent the pain that occurs as a result of straining forward to look at a computer screen and putting pressure on your spinal disks.

Position Your Mouse

Put your mouse close to you, so it’s easily within reach. Having to stretch to grab it can cause you to twist comfortably throughout the day, weaken your muscles, and cause back pain.

Use a Supportive Chair

If possible, use a chair that offers adequate back support. Avoid rigid chairs that don’t have any lower back padding or don’t allow for any slight reclining. Supporting your lower spine allows the muscles to rest, and reduces the likelihood of back pain.

Take Regular Breaks

Inactivity puts pressure on your spine and contributes to poor circulation, so make it a point to get up from your desk once an hour, at a minimum. Even just a quick trip to the restroom or walking over to ask a question face-to-face instead of email can help.

Stretch Your Back and Shoulders

Throughout the day, take the time to stretch your back and shoulder muscles, ideally once per hour. Some quick stretches that can easily be done, even in a public workspace, include: rolling your shoulders back, gently twisting at your torso to work your lower back, and hugging yourself to stretch your upper back muscles.

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