Looking into Employee Benefits: What Do Employee REALLY Want?


Spectrum Staffing works with clients nationwide to help with their engineering recruitment efforts to find top talent. A major part of attracting top talent is ensuring your company offers an enticing overall compensation package. In fact, 60% of job seekers reported that benefits and perks are one of the main deciding factors for accepting job offers, according to Glassdoor’s 2015 Employment Confidence Survey. Salary isn’t typically enough on its own for the most in-demand candidates – learn more about the benefits that employees really want:

Health Insurance

The coverage and cost of your company health insurance plan can significantly affect your employees’ disposable income, making health insurance among the most valued employee benefit – even more than a pay increase.

Flexible Scheduling

Work-life balance is a high priority for many employees, and the confines of a rigid schedule can prevent them from taking care of personal matters. Offering flexibility in scheduling, such as letting employees determine their own schedule or allowing them to leave early one day and stay longer the next, can go a long way toward employee satisfaction.

Additional Paid Time Off

Offering more paid vacation time also aligns with workers’ desire for more work-life balance. Additional paid time off not only keeps your team happy, but it can also help them be more productive since they’ll be less prone to burnout.

Option to Work from Home

If you can’t afford a costly compensation package, providing employees the option to work from home occasionally or regularly can still help you attract prospective candidates. Even if it’s just one day a week, on snow days, or waiting for a repairman, it allows them to be productive without using paid time off.

Educational Assistance

Top talent generally wants to work for an employer who provides opportunities for professional growth, which is why educational assistance is such an appealing benefit to offer them. Many professionals desire to earn advanced degrees or other credentials that could help them move up, making educational assistance a way to groom future high-ranking employees.

Get top talent to join your team with the help of Spectrum Staffing, one of the most trusted staffing firms in NJ with more than 25 years of experience with engineering recruitment and more. We focus on collaborating with our clients to gain a thorough understanding of what they’re looking for in candidates so we can provide ones that are the best fit. Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and business services.

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