Foolproof Ways to Make an Incredible First Impression During Your Next Interview


As a top engineering recruiting agency, Spectrum Staffing’s mission is to help job seekers find the opportunities that are right for them. A common setback for job seekers is after submitting their resumes and being called in for interviews, they end up not being selected. If you find yourself stuck in the pattern of getting to the interview phase for a job in which you’re well-qualified, only to get passed over, take matters into your own hands and switch up your interview strategy. Make an incredible first impression during your next interview by following these foolproof steps


Strolling in late not only makes you appear unprofessional, but it’s also likely to make you feel flustered and unable to present yourself in the best manner. If possible, travel to the interview location ahead of time so you know exactly where you’re going and how long it will take. Then give yourself extra time in case anything unexpected occurs that may delay you.


The first factor your interviewer has to base their first impression on is your appearance. Look the part and convey a professional impression by dressing appropriately, having your outfit be pressed and unwrinkled, and being well-groomed. Looking too casual or rumpled can make them question your professionalism.

Body Language

Body language can communicate a lot about you, before you utter a word. Making eye contact, smiling, and giving a firm handshake are more convincing of your confidence and professionalism than the words you may say. It shows that you’re self-assured and excited to be there.


Ensure you bring the essentials to your interview, or the hiring manager’s first impression of you could be that you’re not prepared and don’t take the opportunity seriously. Have extra copies of your resume, a pen and paper to take notes if needed. Make the items as easily accessible as possible, so you can simply pull them out without digging through your bag.


Don’t play it too cool – making a positive impression isn’t about playing games, it’s about portraying your authentic self in the best light possible. If you’re passionate about a topic or excited that you’re being considered, communicate that sentiment during the interview. Hiring managers like candidates who are enthusiastic and seem like they really want to be there.

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