Are You Developing Strategic Thinkers at Work? Or Robots Going Through the Motions?


As one of the top recruiting agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing works closely with organizations nationwide with their hiring needs, and one common trait hiring managers tend to look for in candidates is the ability to think strategically. However, often employees are hesitant to share possible solutions and new ideas because they are afraid of speaking up, think leadership isn’t interested, or they are disengaged and don’t have a vested interest in going above and beyond. Develop strategic thinkers at work, instead of robots going through the motions, with these tips:

Communicate Effectively

Engagement level is often the glaring difference between employees who are strategic thinkers and those who just go through the motions. If you want employees to take the initiative to think outside the box, they must feel invested with the company and their role in its success. Increase their engagement by communicating the company’s mission and how they contribute. Keep them in the loop with company news, and provide insight into the unique values and issues your company faces.

Solicit Other Perspectives

Encourage strategic thinking by providing a clear and open channel for employees to share their insights. If they are used to just agreeing with everything you say and following orders, they may not be confident enough to venture forth new ideas. Give them a safe space by actively soliciting their perspectives and asking them what they think about company issues.

Be Receptive to Feedback

How you handle the initial attempts of your employees to share their ideas will determine if they will continue to do so. Make it a point to be as receptive as possible to their feedback, even if their ideas are unrealistic or don’t align with your company’s mission. Focus on giving positive reinforcement for the act of giving feedback, not whether or not it’s a perfectly honed solution. If they feel shot down, they’ll lose their confidence and go back to being a robot going through the motions.

Empower Employees

Often highly skilled employees don’t fulfill their potential to be strategic thinkers because they are scared of taking a risk and failing. However, failure is a very likely outcome when thinking outside the box, so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Empower your employees to get out of their comfort zones by allowing them to develop their ideas and see them through, while also offering reassurance to help them deal with any mistakes. This allows them to start to take calculated risks and learn from the outcome.

Find engaged strategic thinkers to join your team with the help of Spectrum Staffing Services, one of the most experienced recruiting agencies in NJ. We offer a range of staffing and recruitment services, from temporary to direct placement. For over 25 years, we have been serving clients nationwide with their hiring needs.  Contact Spectrum today to learn more about our staffing and recruitment services.

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