The Top 3 Resources for Job Seekers from Spectrum Staffing Services in 2017


Spectrum Staffing is comprised of top staffing professionals in NJ, who work together with job seekers with a clearly defined mission: to help them find the job opportunities from employers for which they are the best fit. Because we also work directly with hiring managers, we are in the position to help breakdown the knowledge gap and share with candidates what employers are really looking for and how to make their job searches the best they can possibly be.

Check out the top three resources for job seekers from Spectrum Staffing Services in 2017:

The Questions All Successful People Ask Themselves at the End of the Day

Who doesn’t want to be more successful? The difference between knowing what you want to achieve and actually doing so lies in consistency. Each day, successful people typically review the progress they made that day and how they could improve by asking themselves a few key questions. This article details those questions and why they make such a difference in success.

How to Sell Yourself During Your Next 15 Minute Phone Interview

You only have one chance to make a first impression, but it can be challenging to make the most of a phone interview due to the short timeframe and only being able to communicate via voice. Our article discusses how to prepare for a 15-minute phone interview so you are better able to sell yourself to hiring managers over the phone, and make it to the next interview stage.

How to Relaunch Your Career After Being Terminated from Your Current Job

Plenty of people are terminated from their jobs, but it doesn’t mean they’re resigned to a lackluster career going forward. It may take some extra effort to explain your situation and land another job, but it can be done. Don’t let losing your job also make you lose your confidence – our article empowers you with tips on how to relaunch your career.

Accomplish your career goals in 2018 by working with Spectrum Staffing Services. Our team of staffing professionals in NJ will connect you with opportunities that fit your qualifications and goals from employers in NJ or nationwide. Search Spectrum’s current open positions to get started.

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