2018: The Year of Your Next Promotion…Here’s How to Get After it

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Spectrum Staffing is an experienced engineering recruiting agency and often when candidates come to us, it’s because they are job searching in order to move up in their careers. Getting a promotion is often seen as a passive process, in which bosses reward hard work and tenure by doling out a new title. However, you don’t have to sit around and wait – make 2018 the year of your next promotion with these tips on how to get after it:

Understand How You Add Value

Clarify to yourself exactly how you add value to the organization. Responses like “I’ve been here for X years” or “I’m hardworking” simply aren’t enough to justify a promotion. Brainstorm what objective value your role adds to the company, such as results you’ve achieved, any accomplishments, and specific traits that other candidates may not bring. When it’s time to discuss a promotion, you’ll have a value proposition ready to deliver to decision-makers.

Communicate With Your Manager

Don’t assume that your managers knows you are interested in a promotion. Communicate with your manager to let them know your goals. When it’s time to determine promotions, they won’t skip you over for consideration because they assumed you weren’t interested. Plus, by expressing your interest in a promotion down the road, they can let you know if there’s key qualifications or experience you need to work on first.

Volunteer for Additional Tasks

Show that you are up for more responsibilities and could handle a promotion by volunteering to tackle additional tasks. Whenever a new project comes up, especially one that may utilize key skills you’d need in a higher up position, be proactive and volunteer to take it over. Not only will you show you’re a team player, but it gives you more experience for your resume.

Look the Part

How you look can influence how you’re perceived by management. If you want to be considered as a viable candidate for a promotion, take efforts to look the part. Observe how employees in your desired position dress, and incorporate that into your daily workplace style. Aligning your professional attire with that of higher level positions can help start to change the perception of you and make others envision you in a different role.

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