How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed, and Start Feeling More Productive


As one of the top recruiting agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing serves as a trusted resource for organizations and their hiring needs, since their high workloads can make it challenging to also accomplish all of the steps that go into hiring on top of all of their other urgent tasks. If you feel like you’re always on the go and putting in the constant effort, but at the end of the day feel like you didn’t accomplish anything you intended, your work ethic certainly isn’t the issue.

Learn how to best utilize your effort – stop feeling overwhelmed and start feeling more productive with these tips.

Make a Plan

To do lists often fail because they list what needs to be done, but not when or how. Narrow down your top one to three priorities for the day, and then plan when you will do them and/or what smaller steps you will take to get started. Having a set plan helps you stop feeling overwhelmed by giving you a clear starting point and boundaries.

Avoid Multitasking

Juggling multiple tasks is one of the biggest hindrances to productivity. Since you’re not truly focusing, your constant effort doesn’t pay off and leaves you with scattered results. Even if it’s for limited durations, try to only work on one task at a time – you’ll get more done with total focus since your brain won’t be constantly changing modes.

Delegate Tasks

If you’re overwhelmed, it could be because your To Do list is simply packed too full. Review your workload and determine what tasks are most crucial for you to handle as a manager, and what could be delegated to your employees. This will open up time for you that could be better spent elsewhere and make you more productive.

 Take Control of Distractions

Sometimes we get in our own ways when it comes to getting things done. Be honest with yourself on what distracts you the most throughout the day, such as incessantly checking email or online browsing breaks that go on too long, and empower yourself with solutions to reduce them. Give yourself some rules, such as only checking email twice per hour or blocking distracting websites, to help you take control.

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