Is Your Workplace Style Preventing You from Getting that Dream Job?


Spectrum Staffing is comprised of top staffing professionals in NJ, whose mission is to connect job seekers to the right roles from the employers with which we work. Often what is holding candidates back isn’t their qualifications, but other minor details that are fortunately easily within their power to fix. How you present yourself appearance-wise at a job interview can make or break your chances – 65% of hiring managers stated that interview attire can be the deciding factor between candidates with similar qualifications, according to a Classes & Careers survey of 2,000 bosses.

Learn more about your how workplace style could be preventing you from getting that dream job.


Not dressing appropriately for a job interview can make it seem like you lack professionalism. A hiring manager may think that if you don’t care enough to dress up and be well-groomed during a time in which you should be trying to make a great first impression, you would be even less professional if you were hired and got comfortable. Even for interviews for casual workplace, err on the conservative side to show that you’re taking the opportunity seriously by putting together a professional outfit, such as slacks and a button up top or blouse.

Attention to Detail

Your interview outfit itself may not be the issue that is negatively impacting hiring managers’ perceptions of you, but rather a lack of attention to the finer details. Scuffed shoes, wrinkled clothing, or messy hair can make hiring managers question your ability to pay attention to detail in the workplace as well. Prepare your clothing items and accessories so they look clean and crisp, and ensure your hair and nails are well-groomed.

Cultural Fit

Unfortunately, there truly is no “one size fits all” in terms of what is considered appropriate interview attire. Overdressing for the workplace in question may hurt you in some cases because it can make you look out of touch, while the aforementioned underdressing can make you look unprofessional. When in doubt, research and find out what type of dress code employees typically adhere to and then select an outfit one or two notches above it for the interview.


A less thought of, but common work style issue that can reflect poorly on you is how neatly you present yourself in terms of additional items you bring to the interview. For example, bringing extra resumes may impress the interviewer at first…unless the documents are being pulled from a messy or overstuffed bag, which can make you seem flighty and unprepared. Consider how you will appear when you pull out papers, a pen, or business card, and take proper steps to seem pulled together.

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