Four Ways to Stay Active Throughout the Day…When You’re Required to Sit at a Desk

Staying Active Throughout the Workday

Spectrum Staffing is a New Jersey recruitment agency that works with candidates from across industries to help them find the job and work environments that are right for them. Since so many lines of work require sitting at a desk much of the day, a common concern for employees is how to increase the activity in their workdays. Being sedentary for eight-plus hours a day can contribute to a variety of health issues, including obesity, heart disease, anxiety, and muscle and joint pain. Check out these four ways to stay active throughout the day, when you’re required to sit at a desk.

Lengthen Your Commute

Instead of finding the closest parking spot or public transportation stop, purposely choose one farther away from your workplace. This way, you can start and end your sitting-filled day by getting in some extra steps. Consider other ways to take more steps indoors to get to your workspace, such as taking the stairs or walking the long way inside.

Perform Tasks While Standing

Be on the lookout for opportunities to stand while you work instead of sitting. Rather than remaining sitting for every phone call, for example, consider putting it on speaker and standing up instead. This gets your blood flowing and a chance to stretch your muscles throughout the day.

Take Consistent Breaks

Try to avoid sitting for prolonged periods of time without at least a few minute break for movement. If possible, try to get up every hour. Examples of ways to fit in these movement breaks without affecting your productivity include: getting up to refill your drink, using a farther away restroom, walking during your lunch break, or walking over to ask a colleague a question instead of a call or email.

Make it a Group Effort

You’re very likely not the only one in your workplace who wants to increase their activity when they’re sitting at a desk all day. Ask around to see if anyone is interested in a group walk, or suggest physical activities when for team building. Making it a group effort provides accountability and helps positively influence the company culture.

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Four Ways to Stay Active Throughout the Day…When You’re Required to Sit at a Desk from Spectrum Staffing Services