How to Get the Feedback You Need from a Boss to Improve Your Career

Asking Boss for Feedback | Spectrum Staffing Services

Spectrum Staffing works with candidates to match them to a variety of opportunities from our clients, including accounting jobs in Montvale NJ and more. The job seekers who come to us tend to be ambitious and eager to develop professionally, and often feel stuck on how to succeed due to vague feedback.

Clarify What You Need

Before you ask for feedback, clarify your overall needs and what exactly you are hoping to learn. Consider what specific areas you want feedback on, so when you’re interacting with your boss, you know what topics to focus on during feedback conversations. Otherwise, you may receive feedback on areas you’re already confident in or with which you’re not otherwise concerned.

Request It More Often

Annual reviews often tend to result in unhelpful feedback simply because your boss is having to address your performance in a broad overview. If you want more helpful feedback, request it on a more regular basis. This gives your boss a better opportunity to provide more specific feedback about recent situations that are top-of-mind. Plus, the more often you ask for feedback, the better and less nervous you’ll be.

Ask for More Detail

A feedback conversation doesn’t have to be one way, in which you can only accept what’s said to you without contributing. If your boss gives feedback that you don’t find helpful, be proactive and prod for more detail. Ask questions or politely request specific examples to expand on their feedback so you can truly understand their perspective and what, if any, actions you need to take.

Handle It Well

When you do receive feedback, it’s essential to accept it in as professional of a manner as possible. Many employees get defensive or overly anxious when given constructive criticism, which makes some bosses hesitant to provide feedback. If you want to continue to receive helpful feedback in the future, handle all conversations in a manner that demonstrates that you’re trying to learn and grow, not make excuses or get emotional.

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