How to Spice Up Your Job Description to Land More Applications When Hiring

How to Improve Job Descriptions When Hiring | Spectrum Staffing Services

Spectrum Staffing works with numerous pharmaceutical companies in NJ, as well as employers in other industries, who all tend to deal with the same universal struggles with hiring – getting more qualified candidates to respond to their job postings. With a job market that tends to currently favor workers, it’s more important than ever to prioritize standing out from other companies and making candidates want to pursue yours. Job seekers’ first exposure to your company as a potential employer is often via a job posting, so check out these tips to spice up your job description to land more applications when hiring.

Make It Aesthetically Pleasing

Just as you want candidates’ resumes to be easy to read, the same rules should apply to your job descriptions. Format it to be open and pleasing to the eye – use bullet points, line breaks, and concise sentences. There should be enough white space so candidates can quickly scan and get the information they need.

Avoid Buzzwords and Jargon

Slash unnecessary filler words in your job descriptions and get to the point. Being direct isn’t boring – in fact, it’s more likely to intrigue candidates because they’ll quickly know exactly what the job entails and if they’re qualified. Plus, trying to “stand out” with creative words and phrases can backfire by not making your listing appear in search results due to the lack of common keywords.

Add a Personal Touch

Although a job description should be informational and to the point, avoid a dry, impersonal tone. Rework your key points so they have a conversational flow and more personal tone – think how you would talk or write a quick email, as opposed to an official Human Resources document.

Highlight the Opportunities

Since many job descriptions will be very similar for comparable positions at other employers, make yours stand out by emphasizing the advantages of the position. This may include opportunities for professional growth, flexibility with scheduling, excellent benefits, etc. While the job description should obviously provide crucial information about duties and qualifications, it’s also essentially an advertisement for working at your company, so include selling points.

Discuss Values

Beyond the essential qualifications for the position, touch on what the company culture entails so you can attract the right candidates and let the others self-select out. Discuss the company’s mission and values so candidates get a sense of what the work environment is like and how well they will align.

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