The Precautionary Steps to Take to Minimize Workplace Violence

Precautionary Measures to Reduce Workplace Violence

As one of the most experienced temp agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has formed close professional relationships with clients spanning a variety of industries. An unfortunate but common topic of concern among employers is the prevention of workplace violence. There are nearly 2 million reported cases of workplace violence annually, according to the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA), and very likely many more unreported cases. As awareness grows about workplace violence, best practices have been researched and developed – learn more about the precautionary steps to take to minimize workplace violence.

Set a Zero Tolerance Police

Develop an official policy that demonstrates your organization’s commitment to maintaining a safe workplace for all. Communicate that violence, as well as threats, bullying, and harassment, will not be tolerated, and all employees have the responsibility to act appropriately as a condition of their employment.

Encourage Open Communication

Since workplace violence often occurs because people are afraid to speak up regarding their suspicions, aim to make your employees feel comfortable reporting any threats or violent behavior. State that perpetrators thrive on the silence of their victims and that your company will be receptive to reports, as well as investigate and enforce the zero-tolerance policy.

Prepare Staff for Emergencies

Being prepared to handle any situations of workplace violence that do arise can help minimize the damage. Ensure that your company has detailed emergency response plans that are presented to employees. Your employees should also be given emergency response and preparedness training so they can be empowered with the knowledge on how to handle these issues for the safest outcome possible.

Handle Conflict at the Beginning Stages

While some cases of workplace violence are random, many others are a gradual buildup of tension and conflict. It’s crucial that organizations take a hands-on role in conflict resolution and not brush off interpersonal issues. Cultivate a culture of professionalism and acceptance of personal differences by addressing conflict appropriately and not ignoring it or leaving it up to the individuals to work out.

Assess Security Measures on an Ongoing Basis

Keep your workplace physically secured to limit access to those attempting to enter to enact violence. Regularly check to ensure all cameras and alarms are working properly, and that employees are following access protocol for ID keys and/or passcodes. To minimize violence from disgruntled former employees, establish a termination process to lock down access after they are let go.

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