Want to Improve Your Resume? Eliminate THESE Buzzwords

Spectrum Staffing works with job seekers to find opportunities, such as project manager jobs in NJ and more. Often qualified candidates are not considered by hiring managers because they have failed to fully utilize their resume. Rather than communicating their strengths, they use unnecessary buzzwords that don’t provide objective evidence that they would excel at the job.

Improve Your Resume by Eliminating these Buzzwords


While creativity is certainly a desirable trait for hiring managers, referring to yourself as such on your resume isn’t helpful. Being creative is something you demonstrate – rather than using the word “creative”, provide evidence through your actions that you’re indeed creative, such as that you developed and led a new successful initiative.


Describing yourself as passionate can be risky because it sometimes comes across as insincere or over the top, especially for a more entry-level or otherwise routine job. Instead, highlight your achievements, accolades, or increasing responsibility on your resume to show that you are engaged with your work.

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This buzzword tends to be over-used and it doesn’t really convey much to hiring managers. All it does is say that you’ll do the work you’re hired to do without prodding. To stand out and show you’re a stellar employee, provide an objective, actionable example of you going above and beyond on your resume to show that you’re internally motivated.

Team Player

It seems like everyone calls themselves a team player, but it’s often the most talented workers who have difficulty with teamwork (and likely don’t even realize it). Working well on a team isn’t just about the results achieved – it’s the ability to acknowledge and respect every contributors’ role. Instead of using the phrase “team player” include information about your past experience with successful collaboration.


Many a hiring manager has read a resume in which a candidate describes him or herself as “detail-oriented”…only to have very obvious errors. To show that you’re detail-orientated, leave out this buzzword and perform due diligence by proofreading your resume for typos or grammatical errors and making sure you follow all application instructions.

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This buzzword is problematic because “go-getter” is the type of descriptor someone should bestow upon you, not something you call yourself and can seem a bit arrogant. Eliminate this buzzword, but not the sentiment behind it – use your resume to list your achievements and qualifications and show how much of a “go-getter” you actually are without using the word.

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