What Qualifications Should You Look for When Interviewing Pharmaceutical Candidates?

When top pharmaceutical companies are on the lookout for candidates, they often delegate with staffing firms like Spectrum Staffing to streamline the process. When trying to find candidates to fill positions in the pharmaceutical industry, it’s crucial to be as objective as possible to prevent making bad hires and negatively impacting patients. Here are the qualifications you should look for when interviewing pharmaceutical candidates:


Paying attention to details is important in just about any work environment, but particularly so for the pharmaceutical industry where oversights can be potentially hazardous. When you’re evaluating pharmaceutical candidates, carefully consider how detail-oriented they appear to be. This can include how well they’ve proofread their resume, followed application instructions, and prepared for the interview.

Communication Skills

Whether the position is for pharmaceutical sales or working directly with patients, pharmaceutical candidates must have excellent communication skills in order to be qualified. It’s essential that they are able to effectively convey the finer details of any pharmaceuticals in a way that makes healthcare clients or patients able to confidently understand. Pay close attention to how well-spoken pharmaceutical candidates are, in writing and verbally.


Pharmaceutical professionals are likely to have a more logical mindset when it comes to their work and the specifics regarding different pharmaceuticals. However, what is “all in a day’s work” to someone in the pharmaceutical industry can be confusing, overwhelming, or downright nerve-wracking to the average patient. Pharmaceutical candidates should provide examples to demonstrate they can understand the perspectives of others and be considerate of their needs without being dismissive or impatient.


A pharmaceutical workplace requires a variety of skill sets to run smoothly. Even the most intelligent and experienced pharmaceutical candidates may ultimately not be a successful fit if they are unable to work well in a collaborative environment. When you’re interviewing candidates, have them discuss their teamwork style and give examples to support how well they work with others.

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