How Can You Make Your Hiring Process More Efficient and More Effective?

As one of the top recruiting agencies in NJ, Spectrum Staffing has worked with numerous organizations to improve their hiring processes. There are two common goals, which may also seem to be at odds: making hiring decisions faster, while also making better choices. Being prepared with a defined plan for your hiring process can fortunately accomplish both of these endeavors. Learn more about how you can make your hiring process more efficient and more effective:


  • Clarify Exactly What You’re Looking For

Don’t waste time casting a wide net for prospective candidates, and then narrowing it down from there. Clarify what qualifications and traits are necessary for the position and target based on those.

  • Craft a Strategic Job Description

Attract the right candidates and deter the unqualified ones by making your job description honest and informative. Accurately describe the responsibilities, requirements, culture of your organization, and any other details that would influence the decision.

  • Focus on Branding

Increase the number of applicants you receive with less effort by setting your company apart from competitors that offer similar jobs. Focus on company branding, in which you highlight the positive aspects of working there. Utilize your company website, social media, and job listings to gain a reputation as a great place to work.

  • Expand Your Advertising

Avoid using the same general job boards that many other employers turn to. Stand out from the crowd and target the right candidates more effectively by expanding your advertising to more specific areas, such as industry job boards or a specialized staffing agency.


  • Ask the Right Question

When you’re interviewing qualified candidates, gain insight that will help you make more informed decisions in a timely manner by asking the right type of questions. Request previous examples that demonstrate the necessary traits for success in the role, as opposed to broad or hypothetical questions.

  • Avoid Subjective Judgment Calls

Improve the effectiveness of your hiring process by making the decision-making as objective as possible. Develop a standard set of criteria with which to evaluate candidates, ask the same questions for all candidates, and have candidates do some type of hands-on task to demonstrate their skills.

  • Delegate When Needed

Hiring new employees is time-consuming, not to mention that many managers may not feel confident in their skills if it’s not something in which they have much experience. Working with a staffing firm allows you to delegate much of the hiring process, such as initial screenings, and have a resource to turn to if you have questions.

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