Prepping for Your Next Administrative Assistant Job: 4 Common Questions Asked During an Interview

Administrative assistants are the backbone of the workplace. They are responsible for keeping the day-to-day running smoothly and generally handle data entry, word processing, answering phones, record-keeping, and whatever higher level leadership needs assistance with to allow them to focus on strategic goals. If you’re interested in administrative assistant jobs in NJ, prepare for your next interview by having answers in mind to these four common questions:

“What is your biggest strength?”

Have a response ready that demonstrates you have the necessary skills to be a top notch administrative assistant. The hiring manager wants to know how their organization would benefit from having you on staff, so be ready to pitch yourself. Have details ready to support your initial response, and include an example of a past workplace experience that shows your strength in action in the workplace.

“What motivates you?”

Hiring managers like to ask this question because it gives them a sense of how engaged and hard-working of an employee you would be if hired. Administrative assistants have to be self-motivated because they’re often reporting to people who are busy and can’t micromanage. Consider what it is internally that keeps you on task. Some examples may include: the feeling of satisfaction from accomplishing a goal or the sense of purpose from helping people who are counting on you.

“How do you stay organized and manage your workload?”

Make it clear that you have what it takes to be a successful administrative assistant by highlighting your methods for paying attention to detail and managing your time. Be specific about how you prevent forgetting about important tasks or missing deadlines, and how you determine how to prioritize multiple duties.

“How do you handle working under pressure?”

Even if you have the technical skills to perform administrative tasks, hiring managers want to be confident that you have the ability to manage stress in fast-paced situations. Think about the processes or coping mechanisms you’ve developed over time to not become flustered when working under pressure, and describe them to the hiring managers. This could include: maintaining a positive attitude, making a plan, and focusing on the task at hand only.

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