Why Great Leaders Should Provide Real-Time Feedback to Employees

Spectrum Staffing Services is an engineering recruitment agency that works closely with both employers and job seekers. A contributing factor of job dissatisfaction reported by employees is lack of feedback from leadership. Annual performance reviews simply aren’t enough for most employees to know where they stand and feel confident in their performances. Learn more about why great leaders to provide real-time feedback to employees.

Provides Clear Expectations

Real-time feedback is helpful in getting employees and leadership on the same page in terms of expectations. It can eliminate any miscommunications and prevent reduced productivity or quality, and make employees feel certain on how to proceed. Providing clear expectations can also cut down on any excuses that low performers or insubordinate workers could try to make to justify their output or behavior.

Offers Specific Examples

A main reason that annual reviews can make employees anxious is because instances that are discussed may have occurred well in the past. It can leave employees confused on how their managers could have gotten that impression. With real-time feedback, leaders can address instances as they occur and be able to cite specific examples. Rather than saying to an employee, “You sometimes have a habit of doing XYZ,” that leaves them ruminating, you can say in real time, “When you just did XYZ…” so they gain a clear understanding.

Prevents Issues from Escalating

The longer you wait to address an issue with an employee, the higher the risk that it will continue and become ingrained as a bad habit. Nip any issues immediately in the bud with real-time feedback. Not only does this prevent issues from escalating, it is actually doing your employees a favor by saving them from an often mortifying realization they’ve done something incorrect repeatedly over time.

Establishes a Trustworthy Relationship

There is a tendency for employees to be a bit wary of leadership and their intentions. By being more proactive and providing real-time feedback, you have the opportunity for you and your employees to get to know one another better and establish a trustworthy relationship. When your employees trust you, they are more likely to be engaged and committed.

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